Katherine O'Brien

Dr. Katherine O'Brien

Katherine O'Brien

Outreach Coordinator / Postdoctoral Fellow


Areas of Expertise

  • Science Communication
  • STEM outreach
  • Community projects


  • Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A. Clark University

I am a postdoctoral fellow, outreach coordinator, and evolutionary biologist at the Museum of Biological Diversity and EEOB Department at The Ohio State University. Currently, I focus on citizen science and community science programming and assessment work. My postdoctoral research focused on a fine-scale investigation of the alcohol metabolism pathway and how changes in regulation within this gene network affect phenotypic plasticity. My doctoral research studied how organisms adapt to environmental challenges. Whether I am working on scientific experiments, curriculum development, or large-scale community science events, I bring extensive organizational experience and a methodical articulation of science communication goals to my work.