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You will find 8 natural history collections and 3 labs at the museum. The collections are available for use by arranging a visit with the appropriate curator.  Loans may also be made and policies are set by the individual collections.

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The collections have been housed in the current building on OSU West Campus at 1315 Kinnear Rd. since 1992. However, most of the collections started with the inauguration of The Ohio State University in 1870 and specimens may even date to ealier years. Find out details about the museum's history from a recent blog post by the insect collection as well as a post from the mollusk collection.

Funds associated with our museum

George and Mildred Wharton Endowment for Acarology Fund (607675): Supports the Acarology Laboratory.

The Hoogstraal Memorial Acarology Student Fund (603280): Supports Acarology students at the OSU Acarology Summer Program.

Donald J. Borror Fund for Bioacoustical Studies (600654): Supports bioacoustical research, teaching and service programs.

D.J. and J.N. Knull Fund in Entomology (603756): Supports systematic Entomology research and curatorial work in Entomology.

The Josef N. Knull Memorial Fund in Entomology (603759): Supports systematic Entomology research and curatorial work in Entomology.

Friends of the C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection Fund (314967): Supports students, outreach, education, and curation at the Triplehorn Insect Collection.

The Ichthyology Research Endowment Fund (603357): Supports research and publication in the Fish Collection.

OSU Herbarium Fund (307052): Provides for maintenance and development of the OSU Herbarium.

The David H. Stansbery Bivalves Endowment Fund (606910): For the enrichment and maintenance of the Bivalve Mollusc Collection, including expeditions, purchase of collections, and related expenses.

The Museum of Zoology Fund (607989): Supports expeditions, purchase of collections and related expenses of the Museum of Zoology.

Tetrapod Collection Support Fund (314614): Supports students, specimen acquisition and maintenance in the Tetrapod collection.