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Funding & Grants

Current funding in the collections:

  • Acarology

National Science Foundation, "REVSYS - Exploiting a large existing resource for biogeographical and host-parasite data: linking immature and adult amblyommine ticks", 2010-2015, grant No. 1026146. $500,930.00. (Lorenza Beati (Principal Investigator), Norman Johnson (Co-Principal Investigator), Johannes Klompen (Co-Principal Investigator), Lance Durden (Co-Principal Investigator)).

  • Borror lab

SEEDS: The OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program, “Determining Impacts of Rain Gardens on Urban Bird Diversity”, 2017-2018, $25,000, (PI: Jay Martin, Angelika Nelson)

Arts and Sciences Staff Professional Development Grant, 2017, $500, (Angelika Nelson)


  • CA Triplehorn Insect collection

National Science Foundation grant No. DEB-0614764 (Norman Johnson, Austin AD).


  • Fishes, Herbarium & Molluscs

National Science Foundation, “Digitization TCN Collaborative Research: Documenting the Occurrence through Space & Time of Aquatic Non-indigenous Fish, Mollusks, Algae, & Plants Threatening North Americas Great Lakes”, 2014-2017, OSU funding: $130,852, (John Freudenstein, co-PI with Meg Daly & G. Thomas Watters).


  • Tetrapods

​Buckeye Funder, “Roll it Out”, 2016, $6,025, (Stephanie Malinich and Angelika Nelson)