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The Ohio State University Acarology Collection (OSAL) encourages the use of specimens in our collection. Loans will be extended to all researchers interested in acarology with the proviso that loans to students will generally be made through their advisors, rather than directly to the students. Loans to non-scientists will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Given that the data for the far majority of our holdings of slide-mounted specimens is already available online, we encourage potential borrowers to check our databse and provide us with OSAL numbers for specimens of interest to speed up processing.

General loan policies

Loans of non-type material are made for a period of one (1) year. Loans of type material are made for a period of three (3) months. Renewals are possible (contact the director).

No part of a loan may be forwarded to a Third Party.     
Extensive manipulations of the material borrowed (e.g. remounts of slides, dissections) may be done only by written agreement.

Researchers identifying unidentified material or describing new species based on borrowed material are allowed to retain, respectively, up to 33% and 50% of the specimens. Reprints of papers on borrowed material should be sent to the Acarology Laboratory. All types designated from OSAL material must be returned to OSAL.    


Borrowed specimens should be packaged following the relevant rules for shipping (especially relevant for fluid preserved material) and in such a way that specimens are not damaged. Non-type material can be shipped by standard mail or courier services. Types have to be returned by registered mail.  Contact the curator for any questions on loans or shipping.