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Education and Outreach

Below are several lists of information about the Tetrapods Collection's educational opportunities and outreach efforts.

Courses, Workshops and Public Outreach

The following courses use material in the collections and some meet in the collections for part of the course:


EEOB2220 - Ohio Birds

Spring semesters | 2 credit units

A lecture, laboratory, and field course in the basic principles of avian biology. We study various aspects of avian biology from how birds have evolved, their structure, function of their systems, reproduction, migration, communication, and conservation. We use museum specimens to investigate characteristics unique to birds in detail. In the field you learn to visually and acoustically identify common Ohio birds. Program 60 students are welcome.

Ecology & Evolution of Vertebrates

Spring semesters | 2 credit units

Analysis of the anatomical, physiological, behavioral and ecological characteristics of the major vertebrate groups.

Ecology & Evolution of Mammals

Spring semesters | 2 credit units

Mammals of the world, their natural history, distribution, taxonomy, and major anatomical and physiological adaptations; study of local species emphasized in lab.

Analysis of the anatomical, physiological, behavioral and ecological characteristics of the major vertebrate groups.

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

AU, SP semesters | 3 credit units

Introduction to trends in vertebrate evolution as illustrated by the anatomy of select taxa; involves dissection of specimens.

Bird study skin preparation

Ongoing | Non-credit

In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare a bird study skin.

For more information regarding dates and times, please contact the Curator.

Museum specimens are an important resource for public outreach programs coordinated by the Museum of Biological Diversity, including our Annual Open House.

Information on recent visits to the collections can be found on our collection-related blog Fur, Feathers, Fangs, and Frogs.


Examples of collection use

Every month we provide specimens for a bird quiz at the meeting of the Ohio chapter of the Audubon Society in Columbus.

We provide specimen loans to universities, public schools, other museums and education programs.

Artists regularly use specimens as inspiration for their pieces and installations. Examples include Ann Hamilton's, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Art at OSU, use of specimens in her installation STYLUS as well as her recent installation, the common S E N S E.