Giving to the Museum

Each year, The Ohio State University benefits enormously from members of the community who understand the role that research and education play in the quality of our lives.  Their contributions help to offset costs for student scholarships, research, and operating costs, as well as funding special initiatives.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of students and encourage professional development of staff and faculty, please browse through the funds listed below.  All gifts are tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will go to the fund(s) you choose.  Your gift is important, no matter the amount.  Giving online is safe, secure, and easy at

Thank you for supporting the Museum of Biological Diversity!

Funds in Support of Collection:


Acarology Collection


The Hoogstraal Memorial Acarology Student Fund

Established May 5, 1995, by Catherine Hoogstraal Walker in memory of her brother Harry. Income supports acarology students, who are in good academic standing and require aid, studying at the University's Acarology Summer Program.
Fund Number: 603280 - Give now

George and Mildred Wharton Endowment for Acarology Fund

Established May 7, 1999, from friends and from the Wharton's estate. Income benefits the Acarology Laboratory in the Department of Entomology.
Fund Number: 607675 - Give now



Janice Carson Beatley Herbarium Fund

Established February 3, 1989, by Charles E. Beatley, Jr. and Mary Beatley Jordan. Income supports field research by graduates in plant systematics and ecology.
Fund Number: 600387 - Give now

The Ronald L. Stuckey Herbarium Fund

Established June 5, 1992, by Mr. Stuckey through The Foundation. Income supports purposes associated with the Herbarium.
Fund Number: 647055 - Give now

Emanuel D. Rudolph Botanical Fund

Established June 4, 1993, from the estate of Dr. Rudolph, professor emeritus, plant biology, family, friends and colleagues. Income is distributed to the Herbarium with approximately $1,000 (indexed annually for inflation) supporting the annual Rudolph Memorial Lecture and associated expenses in the fields of cryptogrammic botany. Remaining income funds the preservation and continuation of the Rudolph Memorial Library.
Fund Number: 606233 - Give now

Borror Lab of Bioacoustics


Donald J. Borror Fund for Bioacoustical Studies

Established November 3, 1989, from the estate of Dr. Borror, professor emeritus of entomology. Income aids bioacoustical research, teaching and service programs.
Fund Number: 600654 - Give now

Division of Molluscs


The David H. Stansbery Bivalves Endowment Fund

Established June 4, 1993, by Mr. Stansbery, friends and faculty members. Income aids the enrichment and maintenance of the Bivalve Mollusk Collection, including expeditions, purchase of collections, and related expenses of the Division of Bivalves of the Museum of Zoology.
Fund Number: 606910 - Give now

Division of Fishes


The Ichthyology Research Endowment Fund

Established June 5, 1987, by supporters of the ichthyology collection in the Museum of Zoology. Income aids research and publication on the collection of fish at the Museum.
Fund Number: 603357 - Give now

Tetrapods Collection


Tetrapod Collection Support Fund

Provides financial support for the Tetrapods Collection.
Fund Number: 314614 - Give now

Triplehorn Insect Collection


Friends of the C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection Fund
To support the Triplehorn Insect Collection priorities at the discretion of the Director and the Curator of the collection.
Fund Number: 314967 - Give now
D.J. and J.N. Knull Fund in Entomology
Established December 5, 1986, from the estate of Josef N. Knull. Income funds systematic entomological research and curatorial work in entomology. 
Fund Number: 603756 - Give now
The Josef N. Knull Memorial Fund in Entomology
Established December 7, 1978, by Dorothy J. Knull in memory of her husband. Income supports collections and collecting; curating, with emphasis on systematic entomology and biodiversity; and may support professorships, student scholarships and publication of systematic papers in entomology.
Fund Number: 603759 - Give now

General Funds:


Museum of Biological Diversity

To account for donations made to the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity and to use donations to help defray expenses associated with the museum.
Fund Number: 305368 - Give now

Museum of Biological Diversity Open House Fund

Provides financial support for costs associated with the Annual Museum Open House, and other programs as needed. 

Fund Number: 315261 - Give now

The Museum of Zoology Fund

Established February 2, 1973, by David H. Stansbery, PhD, other friends and faculty members. Income covers expeditions, purchase of collections and related expenses of the Museum of Zoology.

Fund Number: 607989 - Give now