Picture for adams.1970

Rachelle Adams
Assistant Professor
  • Symbioses
  • Ant Evolution
  • Behavioral & Chemical Ecology
bradley Rich Bradley
Associate Professor Emeritus
  • spiders
  • birds
  • behavior

Picture for byrne.88

Caitlin Byrne
Collections Manager of Molluscs
(614) 292-6170
  • mollusc taxonomy
  • databasing

Picture for triplehorn.1

Triplehorn Charles
Professor Emeritus
  • systematics
  • biogeography
  • Coleoptera

Picture for chavez.102

Andreas Chavez
Assistant Professor
(614) 292-2204
  • mammalian diversification
  • evolutionary biology
  • genomics

Picture for chen.4084

Huayan Chen
Ph.D. Program

Picture for combitaheredia.1

Jose Orlando Combita Heredia
Ph.D. Program

Picture for culver.3

David A. Culver
Professor Emeritus
  • harmful algal blooms
  • larval fish ecology and aquaculture
  • phytoplankton and zooplankton...

Picture for daly.66

Marymegan Daly
Professor, Director of the Museum
(614) 247-8412
  • Cnidarian systematics
Alejandro Figueroa-Ripoll Alejandro Figueroa-Ripoll
Research Assistant

Picture for freudenstein.1

John V. Freudenstein
Professor; Chair EEOB; Director of...
(614) 688-0363
  • Phylogenetic Methods
  • Angiosperm Systematics

Picture for gaunt.2

Sandy Gaunt
Curator Emerita of Borror Laboratory...
  • bioacoustics

Picture for gibson.458

Trisha Gibson
Research Associate
Heather Glon Heather Glon
Ph.D. Program
  • Phylogeography
  • Systematics
  • Species Distribution Modelling
Mael Glon Mael Glon
Ph.D. Program
  • molecular systematics
  • morphometrics
  • crayfish ecology

Picture for halmbacher.2

Jacqualyn Halmbacher
Research Associate

Picture for hamilton.857

Natalie Hamilton
M.S. Program
  • Marine Ecology
  • Systematics
Sara Hemly (at reception for 2016 MBD Open House Art contest) Sara Hemly
Curatorial Technician
(614) 292-2750
  • Insect Collection Curation
  • Specimen Databasing

Picture for hrivnak.14

Heather Hrivnak
Research Aide
(614) 292-2730

Picture for roznere.1

Roznere Ieva
Post Doctoral Researcher
  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Freshwater Mussel Physiology

Picture for johnson.2

Norman F. Johnson
Professor; Director of Insect...
(614) 292-6595
  • Taxonomy, Systematics &...
  • Biodiversity Informatics

Picture for keeney.1

George Keeney
Curator of Acarology collection
  • Coleoptera
  • biological controls
  • urban entomology

Picture for brutus.0

Ashley Keesling
M.S. Program
Marc Kibbey - close-up Marc Kibbey
Associate Curator of Fish Collection
(614) 292-7873
  • fish ecology
  • fish identification

Picture for klompen.1

Hans Klompen
Director of Acarology Collection;...
(614) 292-7180
  • Mite systematics

Picture for lahey.18

Zachary Lahey
Ph.D. Program
  • Evolution
  • Systematics of Parasitic...
  • Phylogenomics

Picture for masters.2

Mitch Masters
Associate Professor emeritus
  • bioacoustics
  • bat echo location
Natalia Molotievskiy Natalia Molotievskiy
Visiting scholar
  • systematics
  • ecology
  • Biogeography

Picture for musetti.2

Luciana Musetti
Curator of the Triplehorn Insect...
(614) 292-2730
  • Taxonomy & Systematics of...
  • Curation & Management of...
Doug Nelson - close-up Douglas A. Nelson
Director Emeritus of Borror Laboratory...
(614) 292-7551
  • Avian behavioral ecology
  • bioaccoustics

Picture for obrien.758

Katherine O'Brien
Outreach Coordinator / Post-Doc

Picture for oberweiser.5

Morgan Oberweiser
undergraduate researcher
J K Reynolds Jordan Reynolds
Research Assistant
MaLisa Spring MaLisa Spring
Coordinator for the Ohio Odonata Survey

Picture for stark.215

Tiara Stark
M.S. Program
  • conservation Biology
  • coral reef ecology

Picture for stuessy.1

Tod F. Stuessy
Director Emeritus of Herbarium;...
(614) 292-3296
  • Asteraceae; Plant Taxonomy

Picture for tadesse.1

Mesfin Tadesse
(614) 292-3296
  • plant taxonomy
  • ecology
Grant Terrell with swan wing Grant Terrell
Curatorial assistant
  • bird specimen preparation
  • database
  • curatorial techniques

Picture for thoma.9

Roger Thoma
Research Associate
(614) 292-8088
  • evolution of crayfish

Picture for titus.42

Benjamin Titus
Ph.D. Program
  • coral reef symbioses
  • population structure
  • genetics

Picture for triplehorn.1

Charles A. Triplehorn
Director Emeritus of Insect Collection...
(614) 292-6839
  • Coleopteran systematics

Picture for yuri.1

Tamaki Yuri
Curator, Tetrapods
  • avian phylogeny

Picture for zimmerman.205

Brian Zimmerman
Sampling Coordinator, Fish Collection
(614) 292-7843
  • Fish identification
  • Fish ecology

Picture for zuo.72

Lei Zuo
Ph.D. Program
  • Speciation
  • Hybridization
  • Biogeography