Animal sounds featured in OSU art exhibit

August 15, 2017
BLB logo with headphones

We love collaborating with artists and this time the show featuring 16 sound files from our archive will be especially exciting as it takes place right after the peak of the (partial) solar eclipse on Monday August 21 (see our events page for details). The performance will be next door to the museum and is a group piece of several second-year master of arts graduate students in the OSU Department of Arts. The sounds that Calysta Lyon, an Australian native with a BA in art from California State University, Los Angeles, chose range several animal taxa as well as common to extinct species. At the performance you may recognize the call of an Eastern Phoebe or Red-breasted Nuthatch followed by a gray wolf and eastern spadefoot toad. You are invited to join me to hear how this will come together on August 21 at 1305 Kinnear rd.

Eastern Phoebe_WIKI Red-breasted Nuthatch_WIKI gray wolf-howling Eastern Spadefoot toad