Triplehorn Collection Launches Citizen Science Project

April 19, 2019
Arctic Butterflies

The Triplehorn Insect Collection is seeking the public’s assistance in creating a digital archive of thousands of Arctic butterflies. The data will help answer questions about taxonomy and climate change.

Freudenstein publishes article in Annals of Botany

March 29, 2019
John Freudenstein

Relationships between Tertiary relict and circumboreal woodland floras: a case study in Chimaphila (Ericaceae)

Zhen-Wen Liu, Jing Zhou, Hua Peng, John V Freudenstein, Richard I Milne. 2019.

Keeney and Insectary featured in The Lantern

March 20, 2019
dune scorpion

Curator of the Acarology Collection at the MBD and EEOB Research Associate, George Keeney, discusses inhabitants and educational experiences at the Insectary with The Lantern.