Freshwater Mussel Conservation – National and Ohio perspectives

February 17, 2021

Freshwater Mussel Conservation – National and Ohio perspectives

Mussel conservation flyer for March 24, 2021 event

The Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (OBCP) at Ohio State University is hosting a VIRTUAL symposium on freshwater mussel conservation in honor of the late G. Thomas Watters on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 from 1 – 5 pm EST.

The list of confirmed speakers includes:

Jeremy Tiemann (Illinois Natural History Survey): “Conserving America’s mussels – from species reintroductions to dam removals”

John Pfeiffer (Smithsonian Institution): “Natural history collections and freshwater mussel conservation”

Wendell Haag (US Fish & Wildlife Service): “Using historical museum collections to answer modern-day questions about mussel conservation and ecology”

Ieva Roznere (Ohio State University): “Past, present, and future of Ohio mussel conservation”

Register at the following link:

For more information please contact Steve Smith (

OBCP is a partnership between Ohio State University and the Ohio Division of Wildlife funded through the US Fish and Wildlife Service.