Mussel ID workshop

February 2, 2017
logo og the 2017 symposium of the Freshwater Mollusks Conservation society

Tom Watters, curator of mollusks at the Ohio State Museum of Biodiversity, will hold a Mussel ID workshop at the 2017 symposium of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society in Cleveland, OH March 26-30, 2017.

Tom will present Unionid Mussels of the Upper Ohio and Great Lakes. This workshop will cover all freshwater mussels, including extinct species, from the upper Ohio River and Great Lakes drainages.

Overall, presentations and activities at the symposium will focus on on "Ecosystems, Engineering, Valuation, and Practice – The Roles of Freshwater Mollusks in a Changing Environment".

There is still time to register and join Tom at the symposium this March!