Ohio Mussel Survey Vouchers

This is a page providing instructions for depositing mussel survey vouchers and voucher photos at the OSU MBD Mollusk Collection, which are processes that are required by the Ohio Mussel Survey Protocol as of 2022.

Specimens and/or photos of each species encountered must be submitted to the Museum to serve as proof of purported records.

  • Physical specimens must be cleaned, in plastic bags separated by species and site, and identified with their scientific name on a slip of paper in the bag with the specimens.

Specimens and photo vouchers submitted to the Museum must be accompanied by:

  • digital copies of all applicable state and federal collecting permits,
  • a digital copy of the ODNR project description/survey report
  • a completed OSUM donation spreadsheet containing sufficient collection data to catalogue the specimens.
  • (Physical vouchers only): a completed OSUM Mollusk Division Deed of Gift form, formally transferring ownership of the specimens to the museum

Check back periodically for up-to-date instructions. Direct all correspondence concerning survey vouchers to the Curator of Mollusks, Nate Shoobs (shoobs.1@osu.edu).

Also, see the List of Ohio Mussel Species by HUC-8 Drainage, MusselMapR, and the Ohio Mussel Atlas for planning survey work.