visit of 3rd graders

June 8, 2017
 visiting 3rd graders sort Tetrapods with Grant

On 3-May-2017 undergraduate student assistant Grant Terrell faciilitated a visit of 3rd graders to the Tetrapods collection.

REU students visit MBD

June 8, 2017
REU students in insect collection

Participants in the Mathematical Biosciences Institute summer undergraduate program visited the MBD on 7 June, 2017. Their first stop was in the herbarium where Dr. John Freudenstein showedd them how plants are being preserved.

Crayfish in Maine?

June 4, 2017
crayfish mud chimney

Ohio State Ph.D. student Mael Glon is conducting a study on burrowing crayfishes. These crayfishes are adapted to life in habitats such as roadside ditches and vernal ponds that occasionally flood, but are dry for several months out of the year.

Distinguished Staff Award

June 4, 2017
OSU distinguished staff awardees 2017

On May 1 Luciana Musetti, curator of the Triplehorn insect collection, and 11 other OSU staff members were honored with the Distinguished Staff Award for their remarkable accomplishments, leadership and contribution

Mammalogy students learn curatorial techniques

March 7, 2017
Students cleaning mammal skull in MBD

OSU undergraduate students in the mammalogy class taught by Bryan Carstens learned today about museum techniques in the MBD from collection manager Stephanie Malinich.

The students helped with verifying the identification of various mammal skulls.